Compact wastewater treatment plant

Small BioKube Wastewater Systems
5 – 150 PE (1 – 50 m3/day)


BioKube packaged sewage treatment plants and compact wastewater treatment plants are completely self-contained treatment plants offered in a variety of capacities ranging from 1 m3 to 18 m3 per day.

This assures that our small sewage treatment plants, compact wastewater treatment plants, and packaged sewage treatment plants are applicable in a variety of settings ranging from small households to smaller villages and hotels.

The systems are packaged sewage treatment plants, ready for installation.

BioKube packaged sewage treatment plant, produced and distributed by BioKube, are pre-fabricated solutions, delivered to the customer ready to install as Plug & Play and ready use. BioKube small wastewater treatment plants, small sewage treatment plants, and other similar products are internationally certified according to the highest standards. The systems are packaged in cylindrical polypropylene containers and can be delivered with phosphorous removal kits and UV-tertiary treatment units.

Certified compact wastewater treatment plant

The systems are manufactured standard according to the highest international standards at ISO-certified factories.

 In Europe, the systems are CE marked and they are certified following the CEN 12566 standard.

 Delivered from stock the delivery time is basically from day to day.

You can see pictures and video of many different systems in BioKube Picture library here

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BioKube packaged sewage treatment plants and compact wastewater treatment plants are delivered ready to install as plug-and-play
5 – 25 PE

Designed for 1 – 6 houses

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BioKube grey wastewater systems treat all wastewater from the house except toilet water

The typical use is for summer houses where black water is collected and only grey water is treated

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BioKube small sewage treatment plants are typically used in small households, villages or hotel
30 – 150 PE
Mars systems

Designed for 7 – 30 houses, small hotels and gated communities

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Sludge from a BioKube wastewater system can be converted to charcoal


Sludge fram a BioKube system can be reused, typically for energy (for instance charcoal) or fertilizer

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BioKube wastewater systems are uniquely suited for summerhouses due to BioKubes international patents and ETV Environmental Technology Verification

BioKube in summerhouses

BioKube has certification documention for system’s usage in summerhouses

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Treated wastewater from a small Biokube system can be safely reused, typically for irrigation


Wastewater treated in a BioKube is safe to reuse. Typically for irrigation or toilet flushing

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Biokube offers wastewater systems both with seperate septictank or integrated in single chamber


Biokube offers systems both with seperate septictank or integrated as single chamber sollutions

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BioKube offers wastewater treatment systems based on SBR technology


If the requirement is for total nitrogen removal, BioKube will offer systems based on SBR (Sequential Batch Reactor)

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Why choose BioKube?


BioKube small systems are CE marked

BioKube small systems are certified after the international standard CEN 12566 and the systems are CE marked.


BioKube systems are delivered plug and play

BioKube small systems are delivered from stock ready to install. Typical installation time is usually 1 – 2 days.

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