BioKube GreyWater systems

BioKube greywater systems are designed for treatment of greywater only.
This compares to a standard BioKube system where all water from a house is treated (i.e. both blackwater from the toilet and greywater)

The water for treatment in a greywater system will come mainly from the kitchen, bathroom and washing machine.

A greywater system will often be installed with also a collection tank for the blackwater
Or there will be different kinds of latrines for the black water.

BioKube Grey water treatment system. All necessary components are included inside the small system. Ø 85 cm and H 170 cm.
GreyWater system

The water to a greywater treatment system excludes the black water.

This means that greywater contains only 60 % of the total organic matter in standard sewage water. For this reason, the grey water system can be built smaller than a standard wastewater system.

In terms of bacteria needed to degrade the organic matter, you only need 60 % of the standard system. Since the bacteria in a BioKube system are bound to the BioBlocks, this equals fewer BioBlocks.

If you compare the amount of BioBlocks in the grey water system to a standard Pluto on the right, you can see the reduction in amount of BioBlocks.

BioKube Pluto 5 PE wastewater system. The system has built in technical box with control unit and all mechanical parts, also built in Phosphorous removal chamber. The system is very small, Ø 95 cm and H 170 cm.
Standard Pluto system

Compared to a standard Pluto, it is quite evident that a Pluto has more BioBlocks than the GreyWater system on the left.

BioKube Grey water treatment system has built in septic tank. The house owner needs to empty the small metal container that keeps hair from the bathroom from entering the system.
No septic tank required in a grey water system

There are very few particles coming to the greywater system. For this reason, you only need a quite small internal chamber to retain particles.
In the grey system above left, it is the compartment in the right part of the unit.

However, you need to retain hair coming from the shower.
Above, you can see the metal filter. The homeowner needs to empty this a few times per year

Why choose BioKube?

BioKube greywater systems are very compact

The system size is only Ø 90 cm, H 120 cm
The system can be installed above ground og in ground.
Internal septictank onle needs to be enptied once a year


Very low maintenance

Internal filter to retain hair from the shower should be emptied a few times per year.
No other maintenance required.

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