BioKube – Clean Water since 2003
BioKube – Water treatment in 61 countries

BioKube wastewater systems will treat wastewater to the highest degree as required by national legislation. Wastewater treated in a BioKube can safely be reused, typically for irrigation and sludge can be converted to energy.

 BioKube is based in Denmark, a country known for its high environmental standards.

BioKube’s Mission Statement:

BioKube wastewater treatment systems shall always clean wastewater better than required by the local authorities, with the lowest possible energy consumption.

 BioKube will actively take part in and promote Circular Economy to help fulfill The UN SDGs by offering wastewater treatment systems where the treated water can safely be reused, and the sludge can be converted to energy or fertilizer.

See new EU legislation on the reuse of wastewater

See here BioKube & Danish Government-sponsored research project regarding wastewater and circular economy.

 BioKube ULTRAClean systems can convert water from polluted wells or rivers to drinking water.

BioKube packaged sewage treatment plants are delivered as fully equipped systems ready to be installed as Plug & Play systems. They are applicable in a variety of settings ranging from small households to 10,000 PE cities, to hotels, oil, and mining camps. They are delivered to be installed in-ground, in containers for easy relocation or above ground systems.

You can see pictures and video of many different systems in BioKube Picture library here

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Global Presence

BioKube Venus 5 PE Waste Water system under installation in Denmark
BioKube Small Systems
5 – 150 PE (1-50 m3/day)

Plants for single houses, small resorts and cities.

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BioKube 3.000 PE wastewater system at new development in Bolivia
BioKube Large Systems 150 – 10,000 PE

Plants for large cities, camps, hotels and resorts.

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ULTRA/Clean from BioKube can convert river water to drinking water
BioKube Technology.

The technology used depends on the incoming water and the requirements.

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BioKube wastewater system installed at UN officers Training Center KAIPTC Ghana
Pictures of installed BioKube systems

See BioKube’s picture gallery

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BioKube BioReactor wastewater system in container at oilfield in IRAQ
Typical BioKube solutions

See examples of typical BioKube systems

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BioKube Head office in Denmark
About BioKube

Where to buy, BioKube’s office and personnel. Download center.

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BioKube USA wastewater patent
BioKube Approvals and Certification

You will find all BioKube approvals, certification and officially documented cleaning results in BioKube Technical Library

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BioKube Copmany presentation
Biokube Company Presentation

Shows a number of BioKube systems installed globally

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BioKube documentation of wastewater and circular economy
Wastewater & Circular Economy – UN SDG’s

Describes simple and efficient ways to reuse both sludge and treated water

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BioKube is totally committed to fulfilling United Nations SDG's to help secure clean water for all
BioKube is totally committed to fulfilling United Nations SDG’s

BioKube systems are energy efficient

BioKube systems will treat wastewater using minimum possible energy while still fulfilling the required treatment demands.

BioKube gives you total Circular Economy

The treated water from a BioKube unit is safe to reuse. Sludge can further be converted to energy or fertilizer.

Click on image to go to Biokube Technical Library for download of all documents