Global solutions for wastewater treatment
Water reuse and drinking water from polluted water

BioKube wastewater systems will treat wastewater to the highest degree as required by national legislation. BioKube is based in Denmark, a country known for its high environmental standards. BioKube systems are installed in over 50 countries.

BioKube is fully committed towards circular economy and we work actively to fulfilling United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Water treated in a BioKube can safely be reused, typically for irrigation and sludge can be converted to energy. BioKube systems can also convert water from polluted wells or rivers to drinking water.

Installed in more than 50 countries worldwide

Small systems
5 – 150 PE (1-50 m3/day)

Plants for single houses, small resorts and cities.

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Large Systems 150 – 10.000 PE

Plants for large cities, camps, hotels and resorts.

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BioKube Technology

The technology used depends on the incoming water and the requirements

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References of installed systems

See examples of operational BioKube systems

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Typical solutions

Se examples of typical BioKube systems

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About BioKube

Where to buy. BioKube office and personnel. Download center.

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Approvals and Certification

You will find all BioKube approvals, certification and officially documented cleaning results in BioKube Technical Library

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BioKube is totally committed to fulfilling United Nations SDG’s

BioKube systems are energy efficient

BioKube systems will treat wastewater using minimum possible energy while still fulfilling the required treatment demands.


BioKube gives you total Circular Economy

The treated water from a BioKube should be safe to reuse. Sludge can be converted to energy or fertilizer.

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