BioKube is committed to United Nations SDG’s and Circular Economy

  • BioKube wastewater treatment systems shall always clean wastewater better than required by the authorities
  • BioKube wastewater systems shall treat wastewater with a minimum of energy consumption.
  • BioKube will actively take part in Circular Economy to help fulfill The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  • BioKube will offer wastewater treatment systems where the treated water can safely be reused
  • BioKube shall offer wastewater systems where sludge can be converted to energy or fertilizer


BioKube’s mission statement is to work towards fulfilling UN SDG’s
BioKube systems will always fulfill the national or local requirements for treating wastewater
Total compliance with legislation

Discharge of wastewater to environment is highly regulated and the legislation differs from country to country.

BioKube works tightly with our local partners to ensure complete and unconditional compliance with the regulations.

Treated sewage water from a BioKube can safely be reused
Treated water from a BioKube can be reused

Water from a BioKube is typically used either for irrigation or toilet flushing

The dried sludge from a BioKube wastewater system can be reused for fertilizer
Sludge reused for Fertilizer

Sludge from a BioKube system drying in a sludge bed after which it can be used as fertilizer

BioKube wastewater systems focus on power saving. The systems can automatically go into Power Saving Mode
BioKube will use minimum possible energy

BioKube technology in itself is very energy efficient.

To improve this even further, BioKube systems when relevant will automatically adjust for instance the blowers according to amount of incoming water.
In summerhouses, for instance, BioKube has developed a technology where the system automatically goes into “Energy Saving Mode” if there is no occupancy in the house and powers up automatically when there is occupancy. This technique has been verified and tested according to the EU Environmental Technology Verification Program.

The sludge from a BioKube wastewater system can be reused for charcoal
Sludge Reused for Charcoal

Dried sludge from a BioKube system can, easily and cheaply be converted to charcoal that can be used for household cooking

The treated wastewater from a BioKube sewage treatment plant can be reused for drip irrigation
Treated water reused for drip irrigation

The picture shows treated water from a BioKube being reused for drip irrigation in Saudi Arabia.

BioKube systems offer total circular economy in wastewater
Click on Picture to see video

of total circular economy of a Biokube system in Ghana

Why choose BioKube?

BioKube systems will fulfill all local legislation

In cooperation with BioKube’s national partner, we will strive to make sure all local legislation is met


BioKube is very energy efficient, and all treated water can be reused

BioKube systems use a minimum of energy. All treated effluent can be reused, typically for irrigation and the sludge for energy or fertilizer

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