BioKube’s Large Wastewater Systems
150 PE – 10,000 PE 

BioKube large systems are predominately used for treating domestic wastewater from villages, cities, hotels, and resorts

BioKube’s different models will fit any installation requirements and cater to both permanent and temporary installations.

The systems are delivered ready to install and run as “Plug and Play” wastewater systems.

You can see pictures and video of many different systems in BioKube’s Picture library here

BioKube installed at new development in Panama
SEE VIDEO of new development for 600 houses in Panama
BioKube Jupiter under installation at campsite in Denmark
100 – 500 PE
Jupiter Systems

Delivered ready to install with only simple ground work required

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BioKube BioReactor wastewater system are delivered ready to install as Plug and Play
500 – 5,000 PE
BioReactor systems

BioReactor systems are installed in on-site built concrete tanks.

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BioKube Saturn wastewater systems for 1,000 – 10,000 PE are delivered ready to install as Plug and Play
1,000 – 10,000 PE
Saturn Systems

Saturn systems are installed above ground with focus on low cost of civil works

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BioKube offers large wastewater systems based on activated sludge

Large wastewater systems in modular built steel tanks or retrofit in excisting concrete tanks

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BioKube wastewater systems are scalable in sizes based on the same technology
Modular and scalable design

All BioKube solutions are built from standard modules. This makes design, installation and service very straight forward

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BioContainer are containerized wastewater plants with focus on easy relocation

For easy relocation, BioKube offers systems in standard shipping containers

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Why choose BioKube?

BioKube large systems are very compact

As an example, the total size of the system in the video for 3,000 people is only 9 meters x 17 meter- The water is to be reused for irrigation


Easy to maintain, can be equipped with complete remote surveillance

BioKube can be maintained and serviced by generally trained technicians. You do not need specialized wastewater engineers.

Click on image to go to Biokube Technical Library for download of all documents