Venus & Pluto systems (5 – 30 PE)

BioKube Venus and Pluto systems are designed for wastewater from 5 – 30 PE.
Venus and Pluto systems will typically be used for individual houses, or up to 6 houses close to each other, or small hotels & Bed and Breakfast sites.

Venus and Pluto systems are installed after a septic tank. The systems are pre-fabricated solutions, delivered to the customer ready to install as Plug & Play and ready use.

BioKube Venus and Pluto are internationally certified according to the highest standards. The systems are packaged in cylindrical polypropylene containers and can be delivered with phosphorous removal kits and UV-tertiary treatment units.

Video of Venus under installation
BioKube Venus 5 PE wastewater system installed at farm in Denmark
Venus 1850 at farm in Denmark

Venus installed at a farmhouse in Denmark. Very discrete installation, takes up very little space

BioKube Venus system installed in Saudi Arabia where the temperature are over 40 degrees. This is no problem for the BioKube. The water is reused for irrigation.
Venus in Saudi Arabia

Installed in Al Hassa at the local department of environment. The water is reused for irrigation.

Temperature can reach over 40° C. The BioKube works fine in high temperature

BioKube Venus system installed in Northern Sweden where the temperature for long periods are below freezing. This is no problem for the BioKube.
Venus installed in northern Sweden

BioKube Venus installed in northern Sweden. The temperature can go below minus 20° C.

This is no problem for BioKube. Over 700 BioKube systems are installed in the Sweden and Finland where the temperatures often reach below freezing.

BioKube Venus wastewater system under installation in Cypress. The gray “box” is the on site built septic tank. The treated wastewater is reused and stored in the white tank and later used for drip irrigation.
BioKube Venus under installation in Cypress

The system is setup for reuse of the treated water.
The treated water is stored in the white tank, where there is installed a pump so the owner with a timer can do drip irrigation at night where there is less evaporation of the precious water.

BioKube packaged sewage treatment plants and compact wastewater treatment plants are completely self-contained treatment plants offered in a variety of capacities ranging from 700 to 18,000 liters per day
All BioKube small systems together

Pluto – 5 PE (H 1600 Ø 1100 mm)
Venus 1850- 5 PE (H 1900 Ø 1100 mm)
Venus 2200 – 10 PE (H 2200 Ø 1260 mm)
Venus 2500 15 PE (H 2200 Ø 1500 mm)
Venus 2800 20 PE (H2200 Ø 1200 mm)

Packaged sewage treatment plant from BioKube delivered ready for installation


Installation of BioKube wastewater treatment plants

The BioKube Small Systems are typically installed inground after a locally purchased septic tank. The septic tank should be supplied locally from one of many standard suppliers. Alternatively, it can be cast or built on site in concrete. The systems can be installed either in or above ground.

After the installation, the compact wastewater treatment plants or small sewage treatment plants require minimum service and effort to maintain, without losing its ability to clean the incoming wastewater and sewage.


The Venus packaged sewage treatment plant, produced and distributed by BioKube, are pre-fabricated solutions, delivered to the customer ready to install as Plug & Play and ready to use.
BioKube Venus under installation in Denmark

All BioKube small systems are compact systems which are easy to install. There is no need for heavy machinery.

Installation is very straight forward. You can see both the Venus and the preceding septic tank.

Why choose BioKube?

BioKube small systems are CE marked

BioKube small systems are certified after the international standard CEN 12566 and the systems are CE marked.


Installation very quick and easy

Installation of a Biokube system is very easy and does not require sewer specialists og heavy machines

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