BioKube Research and Development

BioKube systems are continuously upgraded and improved as new research and technology makes this possible.
Much of BioKube’s research has been partly funded by the Danish Ministry of Environment or EU research programs

Below are examples of recent BioKube research that has resulted in new or better products.

See video of BioKube ULTRA/Clean
Summerhouses and fluctuations in incoming water

BioKube patented technology of recirculation of treated water to the septic tank has several advantages:

  • Evens out incoming flows fluctioations
  • Eliminates hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and thereby all smell
  • Gives nourishment to the bacteria in the winter period for a summerhouse

This is verified by ETV (Environmental Technology Verification)

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Fulfilling the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals is a central part of BioKube company development goals:

  • BioKube wastewater treatment systems shall always clean wastewater better than required by the authorities
  • BioKube wastewater systems shall treat wastewater with a minimum of energy consumption.
  • BioKube will actively take part in Circular Economy to help fulfill The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  • BioKube will offer wastewater treatment systems where the treated water can safely be reused
  • BioKube shall offer wastewater systems where sludge can be converted to energy or fertilizer

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Precise design calculations.

Due to extensive research, partly funded by the Danish Ministry of Environment, BioKube has precise knowledge of what each m3 of BioBlocks can treat (i.e. how much can be removed).

This has made it possible for BioKube to create a generator using precise design calculations. The generator is used to perform the system selection and sizing based on project inputs and requirements.
This includes offering systems above ground, inground, in containers etc.

E-Coli in wastewater
Removal of bacteria from treated wastewater

To ensure the treated effluent can be safely reused, you need to remove bacteria, mainly E-coli, and Nematodes.

These requirements are found in many of the national standards where water is to be reused.

BioKube has proven and certified technology that can meet the requirements.

With more strict requirements, BioKube will include ULTRA/Clean module as aftertreatment.

In some countries, if regulation requires, we will also include UV or Chlorination

See video of circular economy from wastewater
Why choose BioKube?

BioKube continuously improves our systems

Improvements are as much as possible made improvements so also older systems can be upgraded to the newest technology.


Wastewater is a resource not a problem

BioKube is committed to making wastewater part of circular economy to help fulfill UN SDG’s

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