BioKube company vision 

  • BioKube wastewater treatment systems, will always clean wastewater better than required by the authorities
  • BioKube wastewater systems will treat wastewater with a minimum of energy consumption.
  • BioKube will actively take part in Circular Economy to help fulfill the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  • BioKube will offer wastewater treatment systems where the treated water can safely be reused
  • BioKube will offer wastewater systems where sludge can be converted to energy or fertilizer
Sustainability, circular economy and fulfilling UN SDG’s are all part of BioKubes mission statement
BioKube wastewater systems will comply with all required legislation
All legislation will be met

Legislation regarding all environmental issues are very complicated. And they are very different from country to country. And often also from one area to another.

In cooperation with BioKubes national partners, we will strive to fulfill all requirements.

Sustainable Development Goals

BioKube will in all our actions and products strive to help fulfill The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

See more about Biokube and UN SDG here

Sludge can be converted to energy

In large scale systems, sludge can be converted to energy by developing biogas.

In small scale systems, sludge can be converted to charcoal which can be used for household cooking.

See her video of sludge beeing converted to Charcoal in Ghana

Save Energy

BioKube wastewater systems use minimum energy.

In summerhouses for instance, the system automatically goes on “Power Saving Mode” when there is no occupancy in the house. This technique is certified by a EU ETV Verification (Environmental Technology Verification).

See Biokube’s ETV verification here.

Water can be reused

Treated water from a BioKube can safely be reused.

Reuse is typically for toilet flushing or irrigation.

See here video of treated wastewater being reused for toilet flushing in luxury hotel

Click on picture to see video

of sludge being reused for charcoal in Ghana

Click on image to go to Biokube Technical Library for download of all documents