Service of BioKube systems

The systems are straightforward to install and easy to maintain.
A BioKube system does not require full-time staff to operate it.

We recommend preventive maintenance for small systems up to 100 PE once a year.
For larger systems up to 500 PE 4 times per year and bigger systems monthly.

It should also be noted, that all BioKube systems can be monitored remotely and alarms can be sent as SMS to the service technician.

For the technician, he is assisted by BioKube service APP that on his android phone or tablet giving step- by- step instructions for performing service and repair.



Service of BioKube Venus 1850
4 service technicians service 4,000 systems

In Denmark it is by law required that service is done once a year.

This yearly service on 3,700 systems is performed by 4 service technicians.
Each technician has his own service car.

BioKube Service Manuals

For all BioKube systems, there are extensive service manuals that partners can download from BioKube website

BioKube Service APP

All parameters in the BioKube systems can be set via BioKube service App on an Android phone or tablet.

The systems can be set up to send alarm via SMS.

The Systems can be remotely monitored via GSM or WIFI.

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