Project: Different delivered Jupiter systems to illustrate poisibilities
Type: Jupiter 25 to Jupiter 100 systems at different locations
Country: Different countries
Client: Different clients
Capacity: 25 – 300 m³/day
Year of Installation: 2009 – 2019.

Main considerations when choosing a specific detailed design are:

Above ground or Below ground
For a system installed “In Ground” the internal water pressure is taken by the surrounding soil.
You only need a level floor. Could be concrete og just gravel depending on location.
A system installed above ground needs internal reinforcement to absorb the inside water pressure.
The system is also reinforced by outside steel bars.
Most buyers prefer in ground systems and only chose above ground if the system is placed inside a building.

Lid or NO lid
There is no requirement for a lid.
The system does not smell, but you need to present persons from falling into the system.

Type of lid
If you want a lid there are several options.
Glass fiber lids are the cheapest:
Aluminum or steel lid the most expensive.