Drinking water from a river or a polluted well

With the very small pore sizes of the Ultra filtration membrane, BioKube ULTRA/Clean will remove all particles in the incoming water.
99,99 % of E-Coli bacteria and 100 % of Nematode will be removed. But ULTRA/Clean will not remove dissolved matter like salt and dissolved chemicals.

The Ultra CLEAN/Clean module operates by simple gravitation and it can run on solar energy.
The only power needed is to run the small air blower that keeps the membrane clean. For a 5 m3/day system that is 95 Wh/day, including power for the pump to lift the dirty water into the system.

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BioKube ULTRA/Clean for creating drinking water form polluted rivers or wells are available in standard sizes from 5 – 160 m3 drinking water per day

ULTRA/Clean small and compact

The picture illustrates how small the ULTRA/Clean systems are.

The system to the left will give 5 m3 drinking water per day.
The bigger system to the right will give 110 m3 drinking water per day

BioKube ULTRA/Clean undergoing test at KAIPTC UN officers training center in Ghana. The results showed E-coli = 0 / 100 ml (i.e. not detected)
ULTRA/Clean being set up for test in Ghana

The ULTRA/Clean system was tested at the BioKube Jupiter system installed at The United Nations Officers Training Center KAIPTC in Ghana.

The results from the test were as expected.
E-Coli in the effluent from the BioKube Jupiter was reduced from 465 /100 ml to 0 (nil) after passing the ULTRA/Clean

How does it work.
Drinking water from River water
  1. Unclean water from the source is pumped into the treatment chamber with the ULTRA/Clean module.
  2. The ULTRA/Clean module is kept free fromm saturation by sending air up from a diffuser under the membranes
  3. With simple gravitation the treated water is discharged from the outlet pipe about 15 cm above ground.
  4. The cleaning chamber is kept free from filling up with removed particles by automatic discharging a little water from the tank bottom a few times per day.
  5. A few times per year the membraned is cleaned by adding bleach into the membrane

See more in the brochure here

ULTRA/Bag test the technology yourself

You can test the system and the technology with the small ULTRA/Bag.
It is the size of a standard A-4 paper.

The water coming from the ULTRA/Bag is precisely as clean as it would be from a the bigger system, ULTRA/Clean

ULTRA/Bag will deliver about 1 l/hour clean water.

The bag can be reused countless times. just regularly empty the dirty water and refill.

Certified testresults for ULTRA/Clean

BioKube performs ongoing certified test of Ultra Clean systems.

Below you will find the test results from Certified laboratories.

As the test show, the retention of E-coli from a BioKube ULTRA/Clean system is better than 99,999 %

In many of the test the count for E-coli is given as < 1 (one) per 100 ml.

Click here to see certified test results.

Why choose BioKube?

ULTRA/Clean converts poluted water to drinking water

With ULTRA/Clean, you can convert water from a polluted well or river water to drinking water


ULTRA/Clean runs on gravitation

The only power requirement in the ULTRA/Clean to operate the air blower which keeps the membrane clean. For a 5 m3/day system that is 75 W. Plus you need to lift water into the system.

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ULTRA/Clean Brochure
ULTRA/Clean treatment results