BioKube head office in Denmark

BioKube office is located in beautiful rural surroundings.

Our office is 1 hours drive from downtown Copenhagen or Copenhagen international airport.

We invite all interested international companies to visit us. Give us a call to discuss. We will arrange all local transport and accomodation for you.

BioKube Head office and warehouse in Denmark
BioKube has a modern office

BioKube has a modern office complex only 90 km. from Copenhagen airport.

We live in beautiful rural surroundings.

BioKube office in Denmark
BioKube main office

Our front door. You will always feel welcome

From BioKube warehouse in Denmark small systems are delivered from day to day
BioKube has very short delivery time.

Small systems we have on stock.

Larger systems (above Mars systems) the exspected delivery time is 8 – 10 weeks from date of final confirmed order.

BioKube office is one hours drive from Copenhagen Airport
Find BioKube on Google Map

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Biokube show room
BioKube showroom

We have on exhibit in our showroom BioKube solutions.

We also use this for partner training.

We also have very near to our office several midsize systems owned by the local municipalities.

Biokube show room in Denmark
BioKube showroom

We have on exhibit in our showroom BioKube solutions.

See video of drone flying over BioKube head office,
Click on image to go to Biokube Technical Library for download of all documents