Villages, hotels and gated communities

BioKube Jupiter

Small cities, gated communities and hotels are internationally one of BioKube main markets.

The systems are straightforward to install and easy to maintain.

A BioKube system does not require full time staff to operate it.

We recommend preventive maintenance for small systems up to 100 PE once a year.
For larger systems up to 500 PE 4 times per year and bigger systems monthly

It should also be noted that all BioKube systems can be monitored remotely and alarm can be sent as SMS to the service technician


See video of BioKube in luxury hotels. All water reused
Dysted, 200 PE small village Denmark

The system is owned by the local municipality.

It is installed very close to BioKubes head office in Denmark.

You can just see the small system in the red circle.

Dysted, 200 PE small village Denmark

The system is installed underground.
You only see the aluminum covers.

Vacation Area in Sweden

Jupiter system installed in the mountains in northern Sweden.

BioKube systems also operate in very cold areas also. Just build a house around the system to keep out the snow!

Dysted, 200 PE Small Village, Denmark

The system comprised of three Jupiter units is here under installation.

You can see how very little ground works are required, just a level concrete or gravel slab.

Small Harbor, Sweden

The local authorities and the harbor owner were very demanding regarding the treatment capability of the system to protect the local waterways.

Desert Oasis, Saudi Arabia

BioKube systems will also operate in very hot climates.

We recommend to put shade over the system to protect against the sun.

The treated water is reused for irrigation.

Why choose Biokube?

BioKube Jupiter requires very little ground works

A Jupiter system is installed directly inground with no need for a concrete tank.


Jupiter has treatment zone and settling zone in one unit

Depending on treatment demands there will be one, two or three steps

Click on image to go to Biokube Technical Library for download of all documentions