Typical BioKube solutions

BioKube wastewater systems are typically used as locally constructed on-site treatment plants, as opposed to large centralized systems.

The advantages of on-site wastewater treatment are mainly

  • low initial installation cost without requiring long sewer lines
  • low cost and simple maintenance that can be done by ordinary trained technicians and not demanding highly trained wastewater specialists
  • Makes reuse of the treated water much more feasible
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BioKube wastewater system is installed in the basement of the luxury Hotel English Point in Mombasa. The water is reused for toilet flushing and irrigation

BioKube systems are optimized towards hotels and resorts

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BioKube containerized wastewater treatment system installed in Sierra Leone

BioKube containerized solutions are well suited for temporary installations like the oil and mining industry

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BioKube wastewater treatment system installed in a small village in Denmark

BioKube small size make them well suited for villages, resorts and gated communities

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BioKube wastewater treatment system installed at a new development in Panama

BioKube offers systems up to 10,000 PE. Large systems will be SAF technology or activated sludge

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BioKube wastewater treatment system installed at an oil camp in Yemen
WASTEWATER from industry

BioKube systems based on biological treatment are suited for some types of industrial wastewater

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Treated sewage water from a BioKube wastewater treatment system can be reused. Typically for irrigation

Treated waste water from a BioKube can safely be reused, typically for irrigation

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Why choose BioKube?


BioKube standard modules can easily be converted to a specific requirement

BioKubes many standard modules can be combined in many ways, and therefore fulfill any treatment demands.


System built above ground, or inground, or in a container, your choice

BioKube design can fulfill any requirement regarding place of installation.

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