CEN-12566-3 certified

BioKube small systems are certified according to the standard EU-norm CEN 12566-3 with the following cleaning results:

    • BOD: 7,3 mg/l (97 % reduction)
    • COD: 81 mg/l (89 % reduction)
    • SS: 11,9 mg/l (96 % reduction)
    • NH4-N: 2,5 mg/l (96 % reduction)
    • KJ-N: 6,3 mg/l

Recognized technology covered by several patents:

The patents cover a.o.:
Basic cleaning concept  including timed inflow and return sludge system for H2S removal
The general layout of BioReactor / Jupiter / Saturn systems including the unique integration of diffusers and BioBlocks
The layout of small systems for single houses including the unique integration of buffer tank, biozone and clarifying zone.

Strong accredited Laboratory test result:

BioKube’s wastewater systems are tested by accredited laboratories on a global scale. Among others a 50 PE system in Denmark, was analyzed by accredited laboratories. Monthly results over four years for a system in a small city showed the following results:
BOD: 2,82 mg/l, COD: 38.7 mg/l, NH4-N: 0,89 mg/l, SS: 9,9 mg/l

BioKube production is ISO 9000 certified:

ISO certification combined with detailed quality control procedure of all finished units before delivery to end user ensures products of the highest quality