BioKube Jupiter Dysted Denmark


Project: Dysted Village 
System Type: Juputer 75 – 3 chamber
Country: Denmark  
Client: Municipality Næstved
Capacity: 40 m³/day
Year of Installation: 2013.


The Jupiter was installed by the Municipality of Næstved in Denmark in 2013. It has hence served as a 125 PE plant. Effluent tests have been made 12 times annually and the plant has so far not experienced any problems or technical failures.

BioKube Jupiter Kenya

Project: Trans East back yard plant
System Type: Jupiter 50 A G
Country: Kenya  
Client: Trans East
Capacity: 50 m³/day
Year of Installation: 2014.


The Jupiter above ground plant is installed in a back yard of an Apartment Block. The treated wastewater is re-used for toilet flushing. The system has a nematode filter  installed as tertiary treatment.

Camping Nevio Croatia


Project: Jupiter at camping site
System Type: 2x Jupiter  50
Country: Croatia
Client: Camping Nevio 
Capacity: 60 m³/day
Year of Installation: 2016.


Jupiter installation at a camping Nevio in Croatia, this plant is installed close to the beach and the Adriatic sea. BioKube is odorless and are therefore not disturbing the beach quests or camping quests.

Nordsjö cold area plant

Project: Nordsjö cold area plant
System Type: Jupiter 50 – 1 chamber
Country: Sweden
Client: Swedish Municipality
Capacity: 40 m³/day
Year of Installation: 2012.


As the plant is installed in the North of Sweden, a frost protective shed was built around the STP to secure trouble free operation also during the month-long sub-zero degree winter period.

Krenkerup Brewery


Project: Jupiter at Krenkerup Brewery
System Type: 3 x Jupiter 25
Country: Denmark
Client: Duke of Krenkerup Castle
Capacity: 20 m³/day
Year of Installation: 2007.


The Jupiter plant treats the proces water from the beer brewery from the castle Krenkerup.

Jupiter at UN Center

Project: Jupiter at UN Center
Type: Jupiter 75, 3-chamber
Country: Ghana
Client: UN
Capacity: 75 m³/day
Year of Installation: 2008.

Jupiter Indoor – English Point Marina


Project: Jupiter at Beach Hotel
System Type: 4 x Jupiter 50 AG
Country: Kenya
Client: English point Marina
Capacity: 260 m³/day
Year of Installation: 2013.


This Jupiter plant was installed during Construction of the prestigious luxury hotel English Point Marina in Mombassa Kenya: http://www.englishpointmarina.com The plant is situated in the basement of the hotel.


BioKube Jupiter in GAH Water

Project: Jupiter at Island Resort
Type: Jupiter 75, 2-chamber
Country: GAH Water
Client: 2008
Capacity: 50 m³/day
Year of Installation: 2007.

Jupiter at Kuala Lumpur University

Project: Jupiter at University
Type: Jupiter 50AG, 3-chamber
Country: Malaysia
Client: University of Kualur Lumpur
Capacity: 50 m³/day
Year of Installation: 2009.

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