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BioKube is expanding our business into several additional countries. BioKube is setting up sales organizations worldwide and we invite you to be a part of our growing family.

How to become a BioKube Distributor

If you wish to become an international distributor for BioKube, this typical will involve the following steps.

Step 1

Who are you

We need some information about your company and its personnel and some information about your local market. For this purpose we have a standard questionnaire, which will be send to you upon request.

We ask, that you return the Questionnaire to Peter Taarnhoj at We will then, by return mail, set up a time for an initial telephone conference. This conversation is preferably held in English.

You are also welcome to call Peter Taarnhoj at (+45) 55989800 before you return the Questionnaire.

Step 2

How do we transfer the necessary knowledge to you?

If the Questionnaire and our initial telephone conference confirms both our companies, that there is a mutual interest in starting a cooperation, we must then transfer the necessary information to you to make it possible to evaluate the possibilities for our products and services in your area.

We will therefore invite you to come to our head office in Denmark where our engineers will give you a detailed description of our products. This will normally involve 2 – 3 working days.

We will also start negotiations on a dealership contract and discuss transfer of know-how to your organization to make it possible for you to sell and service our products.

Step 3

Which of our products and services can be sold in your area?

The next step is your evaluation of the potential market.
You will also need to evaluate the legal possibilities in your area. This will mainly involve the legal regulations for cleaning and possibly reuse of sewage water. We are also interested in the local traditions for handling of sewage water and the resulting sludge.

You will also need to make a market investigation so as to determine the size and preferences in your market.

Cleaning of sewage water is normally quite strictly regulated and often we will also have to make modifications to our systems so as to fulfill local legal requirements in each area. Your assessments must make it possible for us to evaluate these technical changes to our products.

Step 4

Finalize dealership contract.

We will now need to finalize a distributor contract. This will often involve negotiations at your offices.

Step 5

Necessary education of your personnel.

There will be a ongoing need for education of your personnel regarding our products. We arrange 1 – 2 yearly conferences for all our distributors to make sure you always have the newest and updated information regarding our products.

The aim is to make it possible for your organization to sell and afterwards support our systems in your area.

For our smaller systems (5 -500) these will normally at least initially be delivered as finished systems produced at our production facilities. Here you will only need training in sales and service of a standard industrialized product.

For our larger systems (600 – 5.000 PE) these will be partly manufactured locally.

Typically our local dealer will have the responsibility of building the necessary tanks, often in concrete. From our production facilities we will deliver the necessary pre assembled active parts of the cleaning system.

We will need to transfer to you the necessary knowledge to make it possible for us; based on information we receive from you, to determine the size of the necessary system.

This will among other things involve training your personnel in gathering the necessary information for us to construct the system needed to fulfill the demands of your costumer. For this we also have a standard Questionnaire we will train your personnel in using.

We will need information like:

    • Amount of sewage water (daily, weekly and monthly if not delivered evenly),
    • Content of the sewage water (is it standard household sewage water or sewage water from industry and if so what is the content),
    • Cleaning requirements (what are the local legal requirements to the content in the cleaned sewage water),
    • Local technical requirements regarding strength, size and location,
    • Requirements for sludge disposal.

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