BioKube Large Systems Product Portfolio

BioKubes Large systems are predominantly used for cleaning domestic wastewater for Hotels, resorts, villages and small cities. BioKubes different models fit any installation requirement and caters for both permanent and temporary installations.

BioKube Jupiter at high class resort in Polen
BioKube Jupiter cleaning section. Click for bigger picture


  • Packaged STP designed for minimum visual impact.

BioKube decentral wastewater treatment plant — Jupiter AG — Large STP

Jupiter A.G.:

  • Packaged STP designed for above ground (A.G.) installation e.g. in basements.

Biokube BioRector — BioKube Decentral Sewage Treatment Plant


  • Designed for below-ground concrete installations to mimimize footprint and allov reuse of space.

decentral wastewater / sewage treatment plant for commercial buildings, indudtries, hotels, schools, colleges
Biokube Saturn — Biokube decentral sewage / wastewater treatment plant


  • For above ground installation. Minimal civil works cost.

BioKube Saturn cleaning section for installation above ground

BioKube Orion system installed below ground
Biokube Orion — underground decentral wastewater / sewage treatment plant (STP)


  • Packaged large STP designed for in ground installations with concrete.

BioKube Large Systems Previous Installations

Decentral STP BioReactor Installed in Romania

BioReactor Installed in Romania

Biokube large and decentralize stp is being installed

BioReactor during installation in Nothamburi, Thailand

decentralize stp BioReactor Installed at Jam Factory, Poland

BioReactor Installed at Jam Factory, Poland

BioKube BioReactor a large and decentralize wastewater treatment plant installed in Yemen

BioReactor being installed in Yemen

BioKube BioReactor installation

This 6x BioKube BioReactor system cleans wastewater from the Polish village of Ujazd. The wastewater treatemnt plant was designed and installed in cooperation with the local municipality.

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