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Project: Nordsjö cold area plant
System Type: Jupiter 50 – 1 chamber
Country: Sweden
Client: Swedish Municipality
Capacity: 40 m³/day
Year of Installation: 2012


Project: Bioreactor at Nonthaburi
System Type: BioReactor 75 – 3 chamber
Country: Thailand
Client: Nonthaburi City Hall
Capacity: 75 m³/day
Year of Installation: 2008



Project: Jupiter at Krenkerup Brewery
System Type: 3 x Jupiter 25
Country: Denmark
Client: Duke of Krenkerup Castle
Capacity: 20 m³/day
Year of Installation: 2007

Waste Water Treatment Plant

Project: Jupiter at UN Center
Type: Jupiter 75, 3-chamber
Country: Ghana
Client: UN
Capacity: 75 m³/day
Year of Installation: 2008



Project: Jupiter at Beach Hotel
System Type: 4 x Jupiter 50 AG
Country: Kenya
Client: English point Marina
Capacity: 260 m³/day
Year of Installation: 2013


Project: Jupiter at Luxury Spa Hotel
Type: Jupiter 75, 3-chamber
Country: Poland
Client: Glebozek Vine Resort & Spa
Capacity: 100 m³/day
Year of Installation: 2006

Biokube Sewage Treatment Plant Video

Project: BioReactor at Oil Field
Type: BioReactor 150, 3-chamber
Country: Yemen
Client: Horizon
Capacity: 150 m³/day
Year of Installation: 2008

Packaged STP Video

Project: Jupiter at Island Resort
Type: Jupiter 75, 2-chamber
Country: GAH Water
Client: 2008
Capacity: 50 m³/day
Year of Installation: 2007

Biokube Jupiter STP

Project: Jupiter at University
Type: Jupiter 50AG, 3-chamber
Country: Malaysia
Client: University of Kualur Lumpur
Capacity: 50 m³/day
Year of Installation: 2009

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