The Core of BioKube’s Technology 

The BioKube Classic Solution

# Name of step Description of step
1 Septic Tank The raw wastewater gravitates to the septic tank in which the settable suspended solids are settled pre-pairing the waste water for further treatment
2 Buffer Tank The external pump well evens out fluctuating volumes of wastewater from the source ensuring constant batches of wastewater to the treating microorganisms.
3 Biozone In the biozone microorganisms perform degradation of the organic load in the incoming wastewater to the required levels. The chamber consists of submerged bubble diffuser aerated filters
4 Clarifier In the clarifier, biosludge – the by-product from the biological treatment process – is settled and recirculated to the (1) septic tank by means of air lift pumps. This ensures less suspended solids in the outlet and continuous bio-sludge removal.